Child Custody

Often in Child Custody and Divorce matters, the one who hires a private investigator is the one who wins. The information you compile today could be the deciding factor in your case and in the quality and safety of your child's life. Let us help you discover, videotape, and document undesirable behavior such as reckless driving, criminal activity, alcoholism, drug use, physical abuse, neglect, or other activity that may endanger your child.

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When your gut is telling you that something is not right, explore that feeling. Chances are, you’re on to something. We can uncover the proof you need confidentially, accurately, and swiftly. The feelings of uncertainty and what lies ahead can become overwhelming. If you have found yourself in the middle of a contested divorce or infidelity dispute give us a call to discuss your situation. You deserve finality.

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Surveillance/GPS Tracking

Being armed with all the information is an important part of making the right decision. At TSA we are equipped with the right technology to provide surveillance services. We provide the following surveillance investigative service: GPS Tracking, Fraud Investigation, Theft Investigation, Insurance Claims, Personal Issues, Counter Surveillance, and many more.

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